FINN-SHEEP FIBER/FLEECES, various colors, 800g+, $25-$60 P.O.A. Click here for further information. Takes you to another website.

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Finnsheep fiber - super soft lustrous shiny fleece ideal for hand-spinning, hand-dyeing, felting, weaving, machine knitting, knitting and crochet. This is a centuries old northern European sheep breed - the finnish landrace - known as the Finnsheep in Australia and New Zealand.

Available in a luxuriously shiny white and various colours ( grey range, charcoal, blue-black, brown-black, fawns-dark brown, and piebalds).

Has a gentle coil to the fibres and held in defined locks on the sheep.

The stronger the handle the more defined the coils become. Many of the higher micron fleeces have strongly coiled locks which could even be used for dolls hair, craft ornamentation, etc.

Generally available across the micron range from superfine to strong handle (17 micron - 30 micron) so ideal for beginner spinners right through to the highly specialised or experienced projects. Purebreed Finn fleeces are not super long fleeces and are generally 100-200mm (4"-8") for one years growth. Crosses can produce a longer fleece still with many of the desired attributes.

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