Australian finnsheep yarns-here

A fantastic super soft and shiny white fibre ideal for making yarns. Absolutely adored by handspinners. There is limited coloured finn in Australia currently but breeders are working on this to make natural colours more readily available. Finns come in various shades - white, cream, fawn, brown, grey and black- finn black is a glossy blue-black, rather than the traditional brown black of most other sheep breeds.

This is a rare breed/heritage breed sheep which is an all-round performer, meeting so many of our environment & animal health requirements. The finnsheep is a medium size sheep with a calm docile temperament. As well as highly desirable wool, it has a naturally short tail - so no tail docking (or shaving breeches needed), and it also is an excellent mother and prolific breeder - 3 lambs at a time is normal. An ideal sheep breed for textile growers, hobby farmers, small acreage owners, textiles enthusiasts and handspinners.

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