SCARF or NARROW SHAWL/WRAPS 100% Australian alpaca finger knitted- versatile multi-wear options and colors. Australian designer knits.

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Priced to Sell at only $27.95. Normally they retail for $59.95. The texture of these Australian alpaca yarns creates its own stylish look in these versatile designer finger knitted scarf/light wraps.

Pull tightly lengthways for a bulky narrow scarf -OR- lay out and carefully spread sideways to create a stylish super-soft open weave narrow shoulder wrap -OR- flick out and pull gently to create a wide flat super-soft scarf ideal for neck wraps. Poke a portion of scarf through a central open-weave opening in the scarf to create a slip on neck warmer !!!

Ideal and versatile for use as various options in one accessory - neck warmer cowl, wrapped scarf, draped scarf, longer narrow scarf, or stretched out sideways as a narrow shoulder wrap.

Made from ecostrands-Tailored Strands 100% Australian Alpaca in boucle 12ply and/or brushed 12ply and/or 8ply with an ideal weight for drape as approx 24ply (2x12ply - 3x8ply - 6x4ply etc)

(based on 50g ball price $11.95 each, so that's $23.90- $35.85 just for the yarn to knit your own ! )

These one-off scarf/wrap accessories available in several textures and colours which will keep you luxuriously warm as well as complement a vast variety of day wear and nightwear.

Locally designed and created in Australia for Australian lifestyles and luxurious comfort.

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