SCARF & SHAWL INFO: MULTIPLE WEAR OPTIONS FROM THE ONE ITEM 100% Australian designed & knitted. Available in luxurious Australian- alpaca, suri alpaca, rarebreed finnsheep or combinations.

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The texture of these Australian alpaca yarns creates its own stylish look in these versatile designer finger knitted scarf/light wraps.

Talk to us about your ideas for you.

The "how-to" for suggested options to wear:

1. Pull tightly lengthways for a tubular bulky narrow scarf

2. Lay out flat and carefully spread sideways to create a stylish super-soft open weave narrow shoulder wrap

3. Flick out and gently straighten the edging if needed to create a wide flat super-soft scarf ideal for neck wraps.

3 (a) Poke a portion of the scarf through a central open-weave opening in the scarf to create a slip on neck warmer !!!

Ideal and versatile for use as various options in one accessory - neck warmer cowl, wrapped scarf, draped scarf, longer narrow scarf, or stretched out sideways as a narrow shoulder wrap.

Made from the various Australian ecostrands-Tailored Strands knitting yarns. Yarns available to create these are 100% Australian Alpaca as boucle 12ply, brushed 12ply, and 2/4/8/12plies; as well as Suri-alpaca and the high lustre Australian Finnsheep yarns .

We recommend that for an ideal weight for drape an approx 24ply mix is best (2x12ply - 3x8ply - 6x4ply etc). This is our price point, but we could discuss other mix options with you.

These individual one-off scarf/cowl/wrap accessories are available in several textures and colours which will keep you luxuriously warm as well as complement a vast variety of day wear and nightwear.

Locally designed and created in Australia for Australian lifestyles and luxurious comfort.

Why not contact to discuss your ideas or desires for such an item, and we could design one specifically for you !

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