Super Special 19.99 GLOVE 100% Australian Alpaca one-off multi-color designs (half-finger, open tip glove). One size fits all. Local Aussie design & creation. Luxuriously soft durable warm.

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Only one pair at a time of any colour/design depending on the designer knitter's whim !!

These one-off half-finger open tip gloves will keep you luxuriously warm as well as complement a vast variety of casual wear.

Priced to Sell at only $24.99 each pair made from ecostrands-Tailored Strands 100% Australian Alpaca in plain 8ply or 12ply and/or 12ply brushed (if you had to knit your own - just for the wool, main colour/one ball normal price $12.95 or more each, and they need more than one for all the finger colours!)

Locally designed and created in Victoria Australia for Australian lifestyles and luxurious comfort.

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