Tailored Strands Light Wrap and Scarf Finger Knitting Patterns (710, 904) You could finish a fantastic scarf in less than 1 hour!

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These are designer knits created specifically for Tailored Strands alpaca yarn range. Locally designed and created in Australia for Australian lifestyles and desires.

Both patterns are virtually the same as they focus on how to finger knit, using two fingers on each hand instead of knitting needles.

The pattern is based on using 24ply (ie. 2 x 12ply yarns or 3 x 8ply yarns). Create a stunning open weave wrap or gorgeous functional scarves with multiple colours and textures.

For the best classic style look SCARF in white or scarlet, use one ball brushed and one ball boucle. For the best classic style look SCARF in black use 2 boucle balls together.

Wraps can be boucle/brushed or boucle/boucle. Boucle gives the best drape and spreads beautifully as it has more weight; but the brushed/boucle looks fuller and more cosy. These can also be pulled long and tight to form a fantastic scarf as well.

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