SUPER WOW SPECIAL -- $14.95 100g AUSSIE ALPACA Rich orange russet tones or redwood naturals 4or8or12ply (60%surialpaca/ 30%finnsheep) or 12plyBrushed 100% Australian alpaca. RRP $11.95-$12.55 for50g

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Luxuriously soft superb commercially spun yarns.

12ply Brushed yarn to create that mohair look and made from 100% Australian baby alpaca fibre.

"Suri Silk" 4ply or 8ply or 12ply yarn in 50gram balls. This is made from luxurious Australian baby alpaca (60%), super soft finnsheep wool (30%), and 10% silk (10%).

The Australian finnsheep (also known as finnish landrace) is a centuries old northern European sheep breed, in Australia since mid 1980's. It has a super-lustre super-soft wool ideal for yarns (and also highly desired by handspinners). One of the most environmentally friendly and ethically run sheep breeds, it has a naturally short tail (no docking /removal or mulesing needed), has multiple lambs, browses as well as grazing grasses, and is friendly and docile to handle! It is a rare breed worldwide as well as in Australia-buying Suri-Silk and FINNesse yarns helps to support the continuing survival of the breed in Australia.

Australian fiber sent to New Zealand for spinning and returned back to us here in Oz. Fibre grown in Oz and yarns designed in Oz and Oz labels.

50gram 8ply specs: 100m/110yds -- Knit Needle size 4mm/UK8/US6 -- Tension 22sts, 30 rows, for 10cm square.

50grams 12ply specs: 68m/74yds -- Knit Needle size 6mm/UK4/US10 -- Tension 14sts, 20 rows, for 10cm square.

50gams 4ply specs: 185m/203yds -- Knit Needle size 3.25mm/UK10/US3 -- Tension 36sts, 48 rows, for 10cm square.

50gram 12ply Brushed specs: 100m/110yds -- Knit Needle size 6mm/UK4/US10 -- Tension 14sts, 20 rows, for 10cm square.

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