SOCKS Aussie Merino Socks: King Size11-14 3pairs/pack. Comfy Aussie grown&made. Special $19.99 (ie.$6.67/pr) not $29.00. Claret, Navy, Red, Black, Greys-silver,midgrey,smoky & Varied Pinstripes

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These socks are made from Australian merino sheep wool, here in Melbourne Australia. They are a slightly thicker sock, but not as thick as a 'work sock' -- great for warmth and hard wearing.

Newly arrived batch in selected colours which will vary through the season as available.

There are three (3) sizes available in these Australian made Merino Socks-

Small 2-8 ladies

Medium 6-11 mens

Large 11-14 mens

Large 11-14 mens

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